Corsicana Bedding, Inc. – Over 40 Years of Quality & Value . . . Proudly Made in the USA

Corsicana Bedding is the best at what they do, which is to provide high quality bedding at an affordable price. Since they do not advertise, they are able to provide superior products at a fraction of the cost of competitors. Corsicana Bedding has been producing beds for over 40 years and they use high quality brand name components which are purchased in bulk to cut down on costs and therefore bring the consumer affordable bedding.
• Corsicana was founded in 1971 and still resides in Corsicana, Texas
• Corsicana is family owned and operated
• Corsicana is the 6th largest bedding producer in the USA
• Corsicana produces over 20,000 beds per day in all of their 7 production facilities
• Corsicana is a name you can TRUST!

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